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Shoulder surgery in Guadalajara

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Shoulder pain en Guadalajara

Shoulder surgery in Guadalajara

Treatment for the most common diseases of the shoulder.

Shoulder Surgery has advanced enormously in our country, having today countless management options for each and every one of the fractures in this region, with a total recovery of the function of the injured shoulder. Surgeries are in more than one 90% minimally invasive with fabulous short-term results, accompanied by good physical rehabilitation and medical guidance.

When we talk about the most common diseases of the shoulder, we cannot miss the symptoms that occur:

  • Shoulder pain predominantly at night (may wake the patient).
  • Severe limitation of movement (especially when rotating or raising the arm above the shoulder).
  • In case of acute trauma, deformity and severe disability of the shoulder and the entire limb.

Listen to your body and take your pain seriously.


Treatment for shoulder diseases

Shoulder Diseases.

Treatment for the most common shoulder diseases.

surgery for shoulder diseases

Shoulder Surgery.

Surgery for the most common shoulder diseases.

Emergency accident or shoulder trauma

Emergency services.

Urgent care for any accident or trauma to your shoulder.

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"Excellent attention and always attentive to my recovery, my shoulder looks excellent."

Aldo González. Shoulder Patient.

They all make you feel at home from the moment you enter. The attention is unbeatable, the therapists are very prepared and explain very well what each exercise is for. For rehabilitation I highly recommend Dr. Esteban Castro.

Patricia Ordoñez. Rehabilitation patient.

"Excellent doctor, excellent treatment, he checks you very well, he is a very kind person, very attentive, I felt an almost instantaneous improvement."

Francisco Gamez. Surgery patient.