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Minimally invasive shoulder surgery in guadalajara

Minimally invasive shoulder surgery.

When is shoulder surgery necessary?

Shoulder surgery is a procedure that must be carried out by a traumatologist and orthopedist when the following causes have occurred: rotator cuff rupture, instability and dislocations (shoulder pain), shoulder osteoarthritis, acromio clavicular dislocation and shoulder fractures. shoulder surgery is an arthroscopic intervention with minimal incisions of 5 millimeters without bleeding. With the help of microscopic lenses and minimally invasive instruments, rotator handle tendons are repaired with biodegradable anchors, the labrum is also reconstructed with anchors in case of instability or dislocations, as well as clavicle dislocations (The Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint) and assistance visual in complex fractures.

Among the tools used to perform this surgery are a camera, a microscopic lens, anchors, suture passes, free sutures, radiofrequency equipment, arthroscopic shaver, drills of different shapes and sizes, as well as cannulas to pass the instruments without hurting tissues.

Among the requirements for surgery, patients are asked to arrive fasting for a preoperative profile, as well as a pre-anesthetic assessment and preoperative marking. Shoulder surgery takes an average of 2 hours, approximately

After surgery, treatment consists of a shoulder sling or immobilizer, game ready cooling and compression equipment, as well as a Team Dynamics Assessment (TDA) electrotherapy analgesic equipment for 10 days. Then stitches are removed and she is referred to physical therapy for 20 sessions, 3 a week, plus exercises at home.

Shoulder dislocation

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